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For all current guidance and advice on Coronavirus and testing, visit:

  • Only book a test if you have specific symptoms of COVID-19
  • DO NOT phone NHS 111, your GP surgery or visit your Emergency Department, as they have no access to tests
  • Testing centres are not walk-in – you will need an appointment and cannot be tested without one
  • If you can’t get a test immediately or near to you keep trying the website address as more tests are added throughout the course of each day and you will often find that you can book a test quickly by trying again.

Should I get tested? 
Anyone showing any of the three key symptoms of coronavirus should be able to be tested. The symptoms are: 

  • a fever
  • a new continuous cough
  • a loss of smell or taste  

Booking a test  

  • To book a test(s) please click here or phone 119
  • If you can’t get a test immediately or near to you please do keep trying the website address above as more tests are added throughout the course of each day and you will often find that you can book a test quickly by trying again

Please do not call the GP practice to book a test, as GPs have no access to the testing system.



Face Coverings on Pubic Transport

It has now been made a requirement for people to wear face coverings when travelling on public transport.

Please click below to read the most recent guidance.





Thank you all for your support for us at Jessop Medical Practice as we respond to the corona virus pandemic. We have made huge changes to all aspects of how we work, and our staff have been fantastic in working with us through these. We are trying to maintain as much of our service as we can, whilst playing our part in protecting the more vulnerable in our community.

The next step in our plan is to close the Ripley branch surgery to patients, which we will do from Monday 23rdMarch 2020. We will also revert to our core contracted hours, meaning that we will open from 8am to 6.30pm for both telephones and the surgery building at Leabrooks, again from 23rd March.

This enables us to divide our staff differently, and move many of our non-clinical staff to Ripley to reduce the risk of them contracting the infection. In turn this means we are more able to manage staff absences, and hence hopefully keep the practice open as the situation worsens.

To be clear, this is NOT a long-term decision. We will reopen Ripley for patients as soon as is practical.

All clinical staff will work from Leabrooks, and we will continue to see patients that need seeing after calls have been triaged. We have been using far more technology in the past week than ever before, including a new direct text message system, and some video consultations when clinically helpful, to ensure we are not unnecessarily putting patients at risk by bringing them in. Please ensure we always have up to date mobile phone numbers if available.

We continue to provide childhood immunisations and other essential injections, INRs for those on warfarin, dressings where essential, priority cervical smears, and other activities the GPs deem important. All long-term conditions reviews will now be performed by telephone, whilst we have capacity to do so. As you will understand this is under continuous review, and will likely change in the days and weeks ahead. We know this is not ideal but it is the best we can safely do for now.

All medications will be updated when needed, even if the routine reviews have not taken place.

Some other brief points (in line with national advice)

We will not be issuing prescriptions for simple medications like paracetamol, unless it was already on repeat prescription.
We will not be giving bigger supplies of medication because of this crisis. If we did this would result in significant supply problems for our colleagues in pharmacies.
We will not be issuing “sick notes” (Med 3 forms) for people affected by coronavirus, self-isolating and so on. These are not required and we do not have sufficient capacity to do this. Please see the following link;

Looking further ahead as to what may happen, we have been working with our neighbouring 8 GP practices so that we help each other to continue to provide a service to our shared populations. We will continue to make our plans, and enact them if and when required.

Finally, we have really appreciated the support that you have continued to give us. This really makes a difference to all of us who work at the practice, and we will of course strive to look after all those who need us.

Jessop Medical Practice

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