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Alcohol and Drugs

For help with issues such as addiction, drug misuse or support for those people affected by another person’s drug or alcohol misuse, we have local services which you can access directly.

This includes those needing specialist treatment such as alcohol detoxification and help with staying abstinent.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT offer treatment for drug or alcohol misuse within the surgery. This is all done via the specialist services below who can create a plan with you to facilitate this, along with psychological and medical treatment needed.


The main service locally is the Derbyshire Recovery Partnership. They are a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service who work in conjuction with other partners including the Derby Drug and Alcohol Service and Intuitive Thinking Skills. These are all tailored to support you during treatment as well as afterwards to help with staying well.


You can access the service here or call 08453 084010


They can offer the following:

  • Opiate Substitute Prescribing
  • Alcohol Relapse Prevention Prescribing
  • Detox options for both opiates & alcohol
  • Psychosocial Interventions
  • Recovery Support

This service is provided via the NHS and they will communicate with us throughout your treatment


Live Life Better Derbyshire deliver our Stop Smoking Service.

Quitting with them gives the best chance of success!

You can access their service online here or call 0800 085 2299



Alcoholics Anonymous – For help with alcohol addiction and staying abstinent you can access this service here or call 08457 697555

Narcotics Anonymous – For help and support achieving and maintaining a drug free life you can access this service online here or call 03009 991212